Action in Premier League, Primera División, Serie A and more...

Several and important games include today's menu. In the Premier League, Manchester United play away to dangerous Brighton who are fighting for entry into the top six.

We also have a very important game in the Primera Division between Athletic Bilbao and Betis in their effort to secure a European ticket.

Tonight we also have the Portuguese Cup rematch between Porto and Famalicao. The "Dragons" after the 1-2 of the first leg are the favourites to qualify for the grand final, where Braga awaits them.


Very important game for both teams. The hosts in their bid to enter the top six leading to Europe and the visitors who want to seal a place in the upcoming Champions League.


Both teams are doing very well this season in the Primera División. They are both fighting for entry into the top six leading to a European ticket. The confrontation between them will decide a lot for the future.


Unless unexpected, Porto will qualify and will be in the Cup grand final against Braga. The Dragons' 2-1 away win in the first leg gives them a huge qualification lead.