Battle for the Champions League between Tottenham and Manchester United... (Full program)

The midweek action continues in the Premier League and Primera Division and interest is soaring. Starting with England, all eyes are on the derby between Tottenham and Manchester United who are fighting for a place in the top four of the table. Interesting game and Everton-Newcastle, with the hosts "burning" for a victory aimed at staying and the "miners" to take another step towards the Champions League of the new season...

In Spain, historic Valencia are in immediate danger of relegation and definitely want to win against Valladolid.

Below you will see in detail all the racing action:


Very important showdown that is expected with great interest with a lighthouse... the Champions League of the new season.


The hosts are having one of the worst years in their history. They are now in immediate danger of relegation and will have to look for points in all the remaining games otherwise their task will become much more difficult. Favourites are the visitors aiming for the new Champions League.


Another historic and great team like Valencia that is in danger of relegation. The "bats" are called upon to show character and get enough points until the end of the championship in order to stay in the category. A must-win game is tonight's game against Valladolid, which under certain conditions can also get into trouble.