Battle of laggards in Scotland, Cup night in Italy and much more...

Few matches today with action mainly in Ligue 1, League 2 England and Scottish Championship. The matches for the European U17 Championship continue. Cup Games in Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Hungary and more...
Below you will see in detail all the racing action:

Very bad start for both teams this season. Logically, they will be in the classification group and will fight to stay in the league. Favourites are the hosts who seem to be one click above the visitors.

The home team are favourites to qualify, of course, since they are separated by a division...

One of the most contentious pairings for the Italian Cup between two teams competing in Streak A. Of course, Bologna are favourites, who also look in the league, much better than Verona. But the Cup is the institution of surprises and anything can happen, especially in a match where qualification is decided.