Boxing Day with "BooikeCo": Favorites Newcastle-Liverpool and the unpredictable match Manchester United-Aston Villa!

Around the world, the Christmas period is associated with a break in the football leagues. In England, however, football is part of the Christmas tradition. The so-called Boxing Day holds a special place in the hearts of football fans, who fill the stadiums and enjoy themselves perhaps more than any other day. December 26th is the most challenging date to find tickets for a match in the country that gave birth to football. From the day the championship draw takes place, the eyes of most English people are on the opening day, the finale, and Boxing Day, eager to know early on which opponent their Christmas holidays will be paired with, hoping for a big match. In the past, local derbies on this day were common, avoiding long trips on the day after Christmas.

So, enjoy the Premier League menu today, including five matches, as the curtain rises on the 19th round of the world's top football league…

Below, you will find a detailed overview of all the match action:

Newcastle-Nottingham Forest (14:30)

If Newcastle wants to enter the top six minimum this season, especially in home games, they must win. On the other hand, Vangelis Marinakis' team will fight for survival in the league this year.

Sheffield United-Luton (17:00)

Both teams are in a difficult position, and it's not ruled out that they may say goodbye to the Premier League in the end. On the field, they seem to lag behind the teams fighting for survival. Certainly, today's game is crucial. The winner takes a breath in the standings and hopes for something better. A draw doesn't benefit anyone.

Burnley-Liverpool (19:30)

The visitors are the super favorites against a disappointing Burnley this season.

Manchester United-Aston Villa (22:00)

The most evenly matched game of the evening. This season, Aston Villa amazes everyone with its performances, and it's no coincidence that it's high in the standings. For some, it might even contend for this year's championship. The hosts are unpredictable once again and will fight for a place in the top six. Based on their performance, they can't aim for more this season.