Finale in Spain, Italy and Cup final in Portugal (Braga-Porto)

Two other major championships are currently completed in Europe. We are talking about the Streak A and the Primera División. In Italy, all that remains is to find out which two teams will play in the Europa League and which in the Conference League qualifiers. Atalanta (61b), Roma (60b) and Juventus (59b) are currently the standings and we will see if anything changes tonight...

Also interesting for the third team to be graded after Cremonese and Sampdoria. They fight Spezia and Verona...

The exciting Primera Division is also coming to an end and it remains to be seen which team will end up in 7th place leading to the Conference League. Valladolid, Getafe, Celta and Almeria are also in danger of relegation, with the first two playing each other, Celta hosting Barcelona and Almeria hosted by Espanyol.

In the midst of all this we have the Cup final in Portugal between Braga and Porto...

Below you will see in detail all the racing action:


With a win, home side Atalanta against indifferent Monza seals a place in the Europa League Group Stage.


Jose Burinho's players definitely want the win so as not to be endangered by Juventus for 6th place. Their task will not be easy with Spezia fighting for a stay that if they manage to escape with the double, then seal it...


Juventus needs a double and one of Atalanta or Roma missteps to win this place in the Europa League and not in Conference.


The Conference League is played on the last matchday between the two teams and not only. The hosts hold their fate in their own hands. With a win they seal 7th place.


The stay will be decided on the last matchday in Spain. Espanyol and Elche were already relegated. Tonight we will find out the third team. The hosts to hope... They should definitely win.


The two teams will fight for the Cup in Portugal. Porto are favourites who definitely want it after failing to win the league. On the other hand, Braga have made a remarkable run again this year and may claim the Cup on an equal footing.