Interest in the Bundesliga, Primera D'Artisione and Campionato... (Super odds and countless combinations at "BookieCo"

Like every Saturday, today we have full racing action and the closer we get to the final straight of the championships the more interesting it is.

Below you can see all the racing action in detail:


The two teams may not be in contention for the league, but they've had a remarkable run so far. Let's not forget that the visitors are also in the semi-final stage of the Champions League. In the Bundesliga now, both are trying to secure a place in the top four. The differences between them are small and today's match is expected to be very interesting.


They started with the primary goal of challenging for the championship, but this year's Inter are by far the better team, which they proved on the pitch. Now both teams, are fighting for the 2nd place, since barring the unexpected, they will end up in the top four of the Campionato.


The hosts are already celebrating this year's championship and are already thinking about next year. Stuttgart, on the other hand, want to "lock in" a place in the top four. At the same time they can take advantage of the fact that Leverkusen are completely indifferent.


Expect a very nice and interesting game between two well-worked teams that have excellent coaches at the end of their benches. Diego Simeone versus Ernesto Valverde. What more can we add? It's true that with an eventual win, Atletico take a huge step towards securing a top four spot in the Primera Division.