It pays (G/G) in Olympiacos-Fenerbahce and Brugge-PAOK (All the rest of the action in Europa League and Conferences in "BooKieCo")

After the Champions League, the quarter-final matches in the Europa and Confederations League take place tonight. Double Greek interest with PAOK and Olympiakos, who are driving fans crazy in Europe this year!

The Reds first welcome Fenerbahce and shortly afterwards PAOK face Club Brugge away. The aim of the two Greek teams is to gain a qualification lead ahead of the second leg with a beacon of qualification to the semi-finals of the Confederations League.
There are also matches in the Europa League. The derby between Milan and Roma is of course the main focus.

Below you can see all the action in detail:


It's important for Olympiacos this time to take advantage of their hot home court and get a qualification lead ahead of the second leg in Istanbul. A serious and disciplined Olympiacos can beat the Turkish team, which of course is not a negligible quantity. They are in contention for this year's championship in Turkey and have great and experienced players like Jeko, Batshuayi, Tadic, Fred and more in their ranks.


This year's PAOK is capable of anything in Europe as well. Razvan Lucescu's team is playing nice and attractive football. It also declares its presence in important matches and looks them in the eye. The task tonight against Brugge is not easy. If PAOK get a positive result or at least lose by an overturned score (e.g. 2-1), then they will increase their chances of qualification in the packed and hot Toumba, as they did against Dynamo Zagreb.

MILAN-ROMA (22:00)

The two teams were counting on the league differently and they've come at them differently. They started out with the goal of challenging for the title (Milan in particular) but fell behind early on, as Inter have been untouchable this season. Now both will be looking for Europa League qualification. It's true that Milan seem to be a click above Roma, but that's in theory. Everything is decided on the pitch and in this particular pair, logic says that qualification will be decided in both games.


For most, Liverpool are also the favourites to win this year's Europa League. Against the unpredictable Atalanta, they are favourites to both win and qualify.


Leverkusen have been driving people crazy with their performances this season under the helm of Chavi Alonso, who has led them to the top of the Bundesliga and, barring a shocking surprise, to the league title. But the Germans' appetites do not stop at home. They also want to win the Europa League. Opposite them in the round of 8 are West Ham, who are also having a good season in the Premier League. Leverkusen are definitely favourites to qualify, but their task will not be easy, as can be seen through the odds set in the betting markets.