League Cup- Rematch between Newcastle and Southampton

League Cup rematch between Newcastle and Southampton with both teams battling for a place in the grand final. From then on, matchday 21 in France's Ligue 2 takes place tonight, a league that has its diehard fans. Two matches are played tonight and in portugal's first division.


The hosts are the big favourites to qualify for the League Cup grand final. In the first game they managed to win 0-1 and tonight if they present themselves with the same seriousness they may double their wins and at the same time get the coveted ticket to the final. They have not had a showdown for the FA Cup as they have been eliminated early on. In the league it remains in third place in the standings, followed by a home match against West Ham. On the other hand, the visitors celebrated their qualification to the next stage of the FA Cup when they beat Blackpool 2-1 at home. The 22nd minute opened the scoring with a direct free-kick and found a second goal in the 62nd minute. He conceded the score in the 68th minute without much concern afterwards. In the next phase he will face the winner of the pair Luton – Grimsby. Tonight is a difficult task after 1-0 in the first leg but they will try their best.