PAOK at 2.10 and PSFP at 1.85 in "BookieCo" (Super odds and unique bonuses)

After the Champions League, we will find out tonight the pairs that will be drawn for the semi-final phase in the Europa and Confederations League.

Hopefully both Olympiacos and PAOK will qualify for the next stage, but their task is not expected to be easy against Fenerbah and Club Brugge respectively...

Below you can see all the match action in detail:


It's unbelievable what happened in Olympiacos' first game against the Turks. The... two-faced Olympiacos bent Fenerbahce at "G. Karaiskakis" and goes with a 3-2 (from 3-0) dowry to tonight's rematch in Istanbul with the goal of sealing a ticket to the "4" of the Conferences League. Where qualification was almost certain, it is now being played straight. The Turks will create a hot home court and Olympiacos will have to play seriously and disciplined in order to keep the lead in their hands and at the same time realize their big goal.


PAOK were beaten 1-0 by Club Brugge in Belgium, with Kotarski's penalty save keeping them in the semi-final qualification hunt. In a packed and hot Toumba tonight, a good and spirited PAOK can pull off the upset. However, they are called upon to present a clearly superior performance compared to the first game when they played a passive role in the game. It did so against Dinamo Zagreb, so why shouldn't Razvan Lucescu's team repeat it?

ROMA-MILAN (22:00)

The Romans, with Mancini as the golden goal scorer and Svilar as the hero, took the lead to qualify for the last four at the San Siro. Two goals for Milan who failed to get anything from the game! A very long replay is expected, but surely Roma have a slight advantage to reach the semi-final stage of the Europa League.


Atalanta were dominant at Anfield against Liverpool and submitted Liverpool with an emphatic 3-0, making them the absolute favourites to reach the semi-finals of the Europa League. An unexpected result for many which to be honest surprised us too, but that's the rare beauty of football. Now Atalanta have become firm favourites to qualify and Liverpool are looking for... a footballing miracle. He's pulled off such upsets in the past, so never say never...


Leverkusen were storming against West Ham who held on until 83 minutes, when Jonas Hoffman found the back of the net and paved the way for a 2-0 (Boniface in stoppage time) victory for the Germans in the Europa League quarter-finals. It was evident in the first game that this year's Leverkusen is an excellent team and made West Ham look very small for simply defending throughout the game... West Ham's task was initially difficult and after the 2-0 lead, it became much harder.