Paphos aims for qualification, postponed match Doxa-Nea Salamina and full action for the FA Cup England

The action continues this week for the Cyprus Cup and today a game is being played. Paphos welcomes Akritas and is the big favorite to qualify. It should be remembered that at this stage the games are singles and in case of a draw, a half-hour extra time follows and if there is no winner we are led to the thankless penalty shootout. We also have full action in the FA Cup England where you will see below in detail all the matches for this institution.


In this particular pair we have super favorites which is Paphos. This cannot be denied. Whichever players Henning Berg chooses, they have the first word against Akritas, whose primary goal is to stay in the league. A serious and disciplined Paphos will want to clear qualification in 90 minutes. It will be a big surprise if he does not succeed.


(This particular game was scheduled to take place last night, but due to unsuitability of the stadium, it was scheduled to take place today)

Very important game especially for the hosts who are burning for victory in their effort to avoid relegation. New coach Victor Basantre will make his debut on the team's bench tonight and wants to start with the right hand the effort he will also make to save Glory. On the other hand, Nea Salamina is in demonic form. Last week he scored four goals for AEK FC and eliminated them from the Cup. The "red-and-whites" know that it is difficult to earn a place in the top six but they will fight without stress and whatever comes out. Now the team of Savvas Poursaitidis will throw its greatest weight on the institution of the Cup that shows that it can reach great distinction this year. Nea Salamina has already started with the aim of staying and based on our data it will not be in danger.