Quartet in 'BoookieCo' with Omonia, Anorthosis, Newcastle, and Atromitos...

Full competitive action, as usual every Saturday.

The 19th matchday continues within the borders with three games. Omonia and Anorthosis are the favorites, as they host Doxa and AEL respectively. A crucial match for survival between Othellos and Karmiotissa.

In the rest of Europe, the big derby is missing, but we have matches that hide traps for the favorites... Below, you will see the detailed matchday action:


A crucial and at the same time very important game for both teams fighting for survival in the category. The differences between them are minimal, as reflected in the standings. It is true that both have improved in terms of performance in the recent period, despite not winning or earning points in some games. They drew in the first round without goals, and tonight's winner takes the lead in equal points, although they will still play two more times in the playoffs.


A return to victories is the only goal for Omonia in the match against the bottom-placed Doxa, which has shown improvement in recent games and seems capable of fighting for survival until the end. Their previous week's victory against Paphos was not accidental. On the other hand, Omonia cannot afford another slip, especially in such a game. Omonia will be led by the new coach Kjetil Rekdal after the split with Sofronis Avgousti.


Anorthosis failed in the top-of-the-table derby against APOEL and is called to return to winning results against the so far poor-performing AEL. It is true that a serious and disciplined Anorthosis has nothing to fear against the Limassol team, which is in a bad form.


With a sustained counterattack, Atromitos competes with aspirations for a position in the top six of the standings. On the other hand, OFI, after a good start, did not have the same continuity and is now just above the relegation zone. For the top six now... there's no reason to talk about it.


City has returned to beautiful and convincing performances as it began its counterattack to return to the top of the Premier League. The game against Newcastle, which may come from three consecutive defeats in the Premier League, is not easy, but at home and especially in derbies, it raises its performance.