Real Madrid-Dortmund in the Champions League Super Final and we go "BookieCo" of course with top odds, bonuses and countless options!

The big time of this year's Champions League final has arrived. The moment that millions of football fans and beyond have been waiting for. The big game will take place at the iconic Wembley Stadium in the British capital, between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid!

On the one hand, the "Queen" Real Madrid, of 14 Champions Cups, and on the other, the German "machine", Borussia Dortmund, the 1997 trophy holders who are returning eleven years after their last appearance in the final of the top European inter-club competition. A summit clash in the biggest moment of the year for Europe's crown.

As well as the title, the winning team will also secure a €20 million bonus. Yet Borussia will be more financially rewarded if they lose to Madrid in London. Strange... but footballing! Because when the German club sold Jude Bellingham to the Queen's for €103 million in the summer, among the terms of the deal was that if Real Madrid won the Champions League, they would have to pay an additional €25 million to Dortmund.

So, if Dortmund lose the Champions League they will earn more money than if they win it.

But all of this takes a back seat. It goes without saying that Dortmund will give everything to get to the top of Europe, even if they get less money...

Below you can see all the match action in detail:


We said enough in our introduction about both teams and now we will talk more betting-wise about the grand final which is captivating everyone and especially betting fans. Favourites to win the trophy are of course Madrid!